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The Greatest Show On Mars

The Alternate Root review Danny McClosky 10/9/2014
GLT Blues Next interview with Conrad Praetzel produced by John Norton July 2014 
Adobe and Teardrops review  Rachel Chost   6/30/2014
Guitar Moderne feature  Michael Ross   6/28/2014
The Voice Magazine review Wanda Waterman 6/27/2014
Terrell’s Tune-up and the Santa Fe New Mexican review Steve Terrell 6/20/2014
Mixed Bag WVIA review George Graham 6/11/2014 (audio) & (text)

They Came From Somewhere
Frontier Psychiatrist, Keith Meatto, Aug 2010
Daily Om review, July 2010
Voice Magazine, Wanda Waterman, St. Louis

Long Gone
NPR Day to Day Interview July 4, 2006
Wax Poetics Interview “Clothesline Revival’s View of a Century” Jan 2007
SING OUT! review Fall 2006
Penguin Eggs (Canada) “Song Recycling” Winter 2005
Exclaim! (Canada), Rachel Sanders, November 2005
Pure Music, Frank Goodman, October 2005

Of My Native Land
NPR All Things Considered, Feb 2003 (audio)
Pure Music Interviews with Clothlesline Revival
North Bay Bohemian, “Two Worlds Collide”, Richard von Busack, 2003
The Beat, Technobeat, Bob Tarte, 2003
Pure Music, Frank Goodman, December 2002
Jellyroll, “Folktronica”, Glen Brooks,  Dec 2002
Splendid Magazine, Evanston Wade, December 2002
Figgle, Steve Reynolds, December 2002

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