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PHOTO Album the greatest show on mars

The Greatest Show On Mars

The Greatest Show on Mars (2014)

Never known to have performed before any live audiences on Earth, Clothesline Revival received an exclusive invitation to join an interplanetary circus on a mission to become the first musicians from Earth to entertain Martian colonists. Their range of untamed, rootsy renditions of the blues, original instruments, eclectic spirituals, tender ballads and strange tales delighted Martian audiences. This audio recording documents Clothesline Revival’s experiences with The Greatest Show on Mars and provides Earth audiences an opportunity to experience the wonder of it all. Clothesline Revival’s music has received critical acclaim on Mars and is a favorite of NPR (National Planetary Radio and National Public Radio) programming. Download | Buy CD | More Info


PHOTO Album They Came From Somewhere

They Came From Somewhere

They Came From Somewhere (2010)

Roots music, but served up with continuing twists so that it almost seems to have passed through a fun house mirror, from the imagination and inspiration of Conrad Praetzel. “They Came from Somewhere” is a collection of original instrumentals, ranging from lazy blues ballads to rompous stomps featuring Conrad Praetzel on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, keyboards and sampler, and special guests Charlie Musslewhite on inimitable harmonica, Robert Powell on delicious pedal steel and Chris Rovetti on fiddle. Download | Buy CD | More Info


Clothesline Revival

Long Gone

Long Gone  (2005)

NPR’s All Things Considered observed that Clothesline Revival’s first CD, “Of My Native Land” was “on to something special by re-inventing the roots genre known as Americana.” Clothlesline Revival’s second release, “Long Gone,” continues with that re-invention, working with archival field recordings collected throughout the U.S. in the middle of the last century. Composer-producer Conrad Praetzel combines a cappella vocals, from blues tunes, ballads, spirituals, skipping rhymes and work songs, with maverick musical treatments, beats and live roots instrumentation. Joined by guitarist Robert Powell, the results are captivating, untamed, off-beat and deeply moving. Download | Buy CD | More Info


PHOTO Album of my native land

Of My Native Land

Of My Native Land (2002)

Clothesline Revival stakes out their claim in the Americana landscape blending an eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic beats with dobro, mandolin, guitars, lap and pedal steel guitar, ebow, atmospherics and more to create a captivating new sound with an old-time haunting quality. Included are adaptations of historical field recordings (several by the legendary American musicologist John A. Lomax) which include the voices of Leadbelly, Ora Dell Graham, Doug Wallin and an unidentified train caller, as well as contemporary vocalists Wendy Allen, Tom Armstrong and Aric Leavit. Download | Buy CD | More Info


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