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  • pull quotes and F.A.Q.s about Clothesline Revival
  • as well as photos, music tracks and videos from the latest Clothesline Revival album: The Greatest Show on Mars
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Pull Quotes

“Clothesline Revival is on to something special, helping to re-invent the roots genre known as Americana” — Chris Nickson, NPR All Things Considered

“WOW!! What a choice sound, right in there with T-Bone and Lanois.” — Gregg McVicar, Host/Producer, UnderCurrents

“Praetzel has gone deeper into the American archive of recorded music than anyone, and his juxtapositions reveal a collective view of a century of American music.” — Joe Allen, Wax Poetics

“… a fresh soulful version of Americana.” — Karen Olson, Utne Reader

“The result is music you can feel down in your soul’s root cellar and all the way up to the tingling top of your brain. Fans of down-and-out troubadours like Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, and Leon Redbone owe it to themselves to wander into the backyard of Clothesline Revival.” — The Daily Om

“… no one is better qualified to do this, both artistically and technologically, than Conrad Praetzel.” – Wanda Waterman, The Voice Magazine


Q | Who is Clothesline Revival?
A | Clothesline Revival is Composer, Musician and Producer Conrad Praetzel. Clothesline Revival has recorded four albums on the Paleo Music label: The Greatest Show on Mars (2014), They Came from Somewhere (2010), Long Gone (2005) and Of My Native Land (2002).

Q | Who are the instrumentalists on The Greatest Show on Mars?
A | Conrad Praetzel played all the instruments on The Greatest Show on Mars (except harmonica by Turner Junior Johnson). The list of featured guest musicians who have made appearances on other Clothesline Revival albums include Charlie Musselwhite, Brantley Kearns, Bruce “Creeper” Kurnow and Chris Rovetti. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Powell made major contributions to the first three Clothesline Revival albums.

Q | Who are the vocalists on The Greatest Show on Mars?
A | The historical field recordings on this album were made possible, in part by the Alan Lomax Estate. The voices heard on The Greatest Show on Mars include Bessie Jones, Turner Junior Johnson, Sidney Hemphil Carter, Ed McNeil and an unidentified 80-year old preacher.

Q | Where can I hear Clothesline Revival music?
A | Aside from being available as downloads and as CDs, Clothesline Revival’s music has been featured in a number of films, is widely played on radio stations throughout the US, Canada and Europe, and is a favorite of National Public Radio.

Q | Where can I find more information about The Greatest Show on Mars?
A | You can find more information in the album liner notes right here.

Q | Does Clothesline Revival ever perform live?
A | On Earth, no. On other planets, maybe.


Album Cover

Clothesline Revival


Clothesline RevivalClothesline RevivalClothesline RevivalClothesline RevivalClothesline Revival










Photos by Peach Farm Studio


SONG | O Happy Land
ALBUM | The Greatest Show On Mars
BAND | Clothesline Revival (vocal Bessie Jones 1961)


SONG | Not Have No Spot
ALBUM | The Greatest Show On Mars
BAND | Clothesline Revival (sermon from 1980’s radio broadcast)



SONG | The Last Train from Pluto
ALBUM | The Greatest Show on Mars
BAND | Clothesline Revival


SONG | Barnum’s Boogie
ALBUM | The Greatest Show on Mars
BAND | Clothesline Revival



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