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The Greatest Show on Mars

Never known to have performed before any live audiences on Earth, Clothlesline Revival received an exclusive invitation to join an interplanetary circus on a mission to become the first musicians from Earth to entertain Martian colonists. Their range of untamed, rootsy renditions of the blues, original instrumentals, eclectic spirituals, tender ballads and strange tales delighted Martian audiences. This audio recording documents Clothesline Revival’s experiences with The Greatest Show On Mars and provides Earth audiences an opportunity to experience the wonder of it all. Clothesline Revival’s music has received critical acclaim on Mars and is a favorite of NPR programming.

“It’s a good old-fashioned Barnum and Bailey-type show but with a host of characters from American rural folk and pop culture, like The Dark Man, Little Maggie, Wildwood Flower, The Revenuer, Ghost Riders in the Sky, UFO’s, space aliens, and The Old Time Bible-Thumping Salvation Show Preacher.” — Wanda Waterman, The Voice Magazine

“The main difference between The Greatest Show on Mars and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Play is that Praetzel’s music is far rootsier, grounded in the soil where Lomax found his unknown heroes of American song.” — Steven Terrell, The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Clothesline Revival isn’t just raising the dead — the updated drumbeats and judiciously placed theremin (or maybe it’s a musical saw) give the proceedings a strangely current yet timeless cast.” — Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops

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“Clothesline Revival is on to something special helping re-invent the roots genre known as Americana” — Chris Nickson, NPR All Things Considered

“WOW!! What a choice sound, right in there with T-Bone and Lanois.” — Gregg McVicar, Host/Producer, UnderCurrents

“Praetzel has gone deeper into the American archive of recorded music than anyone, and his juxtapositions reveal a collective view of a century of American music.” — Joe Allen, Wax Poetics

“… a fresh soulful version of Americana.” — Karen Olson, Utne Reader

“The result is music you can feel down in your soul’s root cellar and all the way up to the tingling top of your brain. Fans of down-and-out troubadours like Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, and Leon Redbone owe it to themselves to wander into the backyard of Clothesline Revival.” — The Daily Om

“… positive proof that everything old is new again.” — j. poet, Paste Magazine

“… no one is better qualified to do this, both artistically and technologically, than Conrad Praetzel.” — Wanda Waterman, The Voice Magazine


Photos by Peach Farm Studio



  1. Playing your stuff regularly on our show The Old Changing Way, WFHB, community radio Bloomington Indiana. I would be happy to send playlists, reply to me or Cindy Beaulé ( Great approach and wonderful playing, Thanks!!


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